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Oregon Scientific Weather Station Reviews

In the current dynamic world it is certainly not sufficient to totally depend on the national weather stations for all your weather needs and updates. It is very important especially if you are farmer to establish different methods of keeping yourself informed about any current and future weather updates. If you are looking for the best home weather station to set up in your home, you certainly need to make sure that you consider the Oregon scientific weather station. Through its experience in offering quality weather stations, you are guaranteed an opportunity to get quality weather stations which you can rely on as your sources of the relevant weather information you need.


  • Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Rain Gauge
  • Salient Feature : Automatic Self-Emptying Rain Collector Measures
  • Add-Ons:Know how much water you're using to water your garden
  • Rating:
  • Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock
  • Salient Feature: Includes Remote Sensor With 100-Foot Range
  • Add-Ons : Displays Indoor And Outdoor Temperature And Humidity
  • Rating:
  • Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station With Atomic Time
  • Salient Feature : Weather Forecasts Displayed With Graphical Icons
  • Add-Ons: Large LCD And White EL Backlight For Nighttime Viewing
  • Rating:

Top 3 BESTSELLING Oregon Scientific Weather Station Reviews

Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Thermometer Review

Its name clearly suggests that this weather station has been built to only provide weather information about the current rainfall conditions. It is basically the newest weather sensor by the Oregon people. With measurements of 3.5 by 5.6 by 1 inches and with a weight of 6.4 ounces, the station is ideal for anyone wishing to keep themselves in the informed about the rainfall conditions. To understand better how effective this station is, it is important to note the amazing and unique features exhibited by this station. It is built with an automatic self-emptying rain collector which ensures that the rain water in the collector is measured and recorded after which it automatically empties the collector ready for another new day.

It is also able to offer accurate measurements where it even has capabilities of showing increments of as low as 0.04. With this feature, you are guaranteed an opportunity to get accurate rainfall conditions which will truly reflect the condition in the locality you are in. It has a digital clock which ensures that the rain gauge is able to display results on a daily basis as well as a history of the measurements for a period of 10 days. Other than been helpful in providing you with the rainfall weather conditions, the station is also able to provide you with an insight into the quantity of water you use to water your garden which will help you learn how to conserve water. It is an easy station to use where even without the technical expertise of using such statins, you will be in a position to view and understand the measurements recorded by the rain gauge. So whether you are a home owner, farmer, school, industry or any other person wishing to keep themselves informed of the rainfall conditions of your locality, you should be able to find this weather station very helpful.

Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock, Black Review

With measurements of 4.7 by 6.7 by 3 inches and a weight of 1.2 pounds, it is certainly of suitable size and weight where one can easily put it in one’s homestead. It is and ideal weather station which is very useful in helping the user to keep record of the temperatures, humidity as well as keep track of the time.

It uses a wireless thermo-hygrometer LCD display monitor which displays the results of the recorded measurements for the user to clearly see. Other than been helpful in keeping track of the time, the automatic clock is also helpful in switching to the automatic daylight savings feature during the day. Through the automatic clock feature, the station sets itself up running in accordance with the U.S Atomic Clock and there will be no need of adjusting it. It is able to measure and display both the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity conditions. Besides providing the user with information about the temperature and humidity measurements the user is also able to receive the moon phase’s exhibits, weather trends and weather forecasts too. Its remote sensor is so powerful that it can even read three sensors all within a range of 100 feet. Through the exhibits of the moon phase, you will be in a position to learn about the moon conditions which will be helpful information especially for those wishing to go out in large water bodies at night. With the ice warning feature, the person using this weather station is able to get notification when the outdoor temperatures are nearing freezing point levels.

Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station with Atomic Time (One small white sensor included) Review

It measures 3.7 by 7.2 by 2 inches which makes it ideal for anyone wishing to have a weather station set up in their own homes. With a weight of 12.8 ounces, it is easily movable where one might want it placed. It is among the latest releases of the Oregon Scientific weather stations which have been developed with the sole purpose of providing its users with an opportunity to stay informed about the weather conditions information which helps them plan themselves appropriately in accordance with the current and future weather conditions. The station is not only helpful in providing the user with information about the current weather conditions but also very helpful in providing the user with weather warnings about the rise of temperatures, humidity and other weather conditions.

One of its most outstanding features is that it is able to provide weather forecast for duration of between 12 to 24 hours. This information is represented in graphs, which is very helpful in providing the user with a relatively easier time understanding the records of the information collected by the stations. It contains wireless sensors which are able to increase the efficiency levels of the stations where one does not have to keep connecting the station through many cables. Through the display features of showing whether temperature are rising steady or falling, one is able to easily understand the changes of the weather conditions. You are also able to view the moon phases’ information which is helpful in helping one plan for the nigh events to be held over the large water bodies. The atomic clock is also able to adjust automatically to the daylight features to save more energy. So that would conclude the oregon scientific weather stations reviews.

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