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Computer Weather Station (REVIEWS & BUYING GUIDE)

Need the bestselling computer weather station? A computer weather station is just what everyone needs nowadays. This is one thing that can turn to be the most important thing of all. Sharing is the biggest thing that one can do and with these one can achieve the perfect sharing of all. One can easily upload or record or download information on the weather updates of themselves and the neighborhood too. These are extremely generation now and use the technology to the most. One can be very much satisfied using these as these helps provide with the accurate weather update.

These stations are very much Wi-Fi activated and a love for a person who loves keeping update of weather. These helps in collecting huge amounts of information and also can manage to store in huge amounts. All one needs to have is a PC and they can have the world of weather in their hands. The transmission ranges of these are generally very good compared to the others because they are meant to be connected wirelessly. The digital weather stations are generally a blessing for many people. This really helps people get the best experience for themselves and allows them to fall more in love with the weather update.


  • Salient Feature: View Your Weather From Virtually Anywhere On A Smartphone
  • Add-Ons : Illuminated Color Display With Adjustable Dimmer
  • Rating:
  • Salient Feature: Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • Add-Ons: Weather Direct LITE Weather Stations
  • Rating:
  • La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless
  • Salient Feature: Full Color LCD With Weather Icons
  • Add-Ons: Monitors Indoor & Wireless Outdoor Temperature (f/c) & Humidity (%RH)
  • Rating:

Top Computer Weather Station Reviews

Pro Weather Station

This is one of the best voted digital weather stations. The consumers just love this device for many reasons. The very foist reason for this is the transmission range. There is a wireless distance of 300 meters between the controller and the sensor. One can very easily install these in their garden and can get update anywhere. This product also is extremely easy to install. People love it due to the very user friendly behavior of this particular product. One can say that this product despite having the use of technologies is ready to maintain a humble behavior.

One generally receives the following things when order this, like that of the wind direction sensor, a rain gauge that automatically empties itself,  an Easy Weather Windows PC software package,  a transmitter unit, also a receiver base station, and a very effective wind speed sensor, and not to forget an USB cable. It helps in detecting the pressure and also helps in auto displaying of the last 12 hour pressure records. This product equivalently is successful in showing the outdoor as well as the indoor weather conditions. One can trust this product to be true to its term of detecting the temperature correctly too.

 One can achieve a lot of benefits from using this product. The very first of these is that the warranty that is provided by the station is of a yearlong. One can expect the product to work well and if anything happens that is warranted then definitely the company would help accordingly. The rain gauge feature of this product is an awesome experience. It can show a record of last whole months rainfall update. This also empties itself without any help required by one. This particular product is generally meant for the extremes.

 It can be very much functional even in the extreme kind of climatic conditions and that wouldn’t affect its records. The customer service or the after sales service is the best thing that this particular company offers. They are extremely helpful and take decisions faster than one can imagine. One can rely on them, totally. The probable problem with this particular device is that it seems to lose all the stored records if the batteries by any chance are removed. Also the instruction manual that comes with it can work on being much more user friendly like the device itself.

Weather Direct TX50U-SET

This is a product that can definitely not be out of this particular list. It is one of the best used products with great reviews to itself. This product has its equal share of pros and cons. The features of this particular device are extremely unique and different. One needs to always log in or always be online if they want to check their weather information with this device. This way one can never easily lose on to the data that is being collected. This product is extremely easy to install and thus is appreciated by all.

The user friendly feature of this particular product is what everyone dies for in other products. The dimensions of this particular device are2” x 1” x 5.2” and the weight is only 3.2 ounces. This makes it extremely easy for this product to be moved or managed with much hassle. Also this can be mounted on the wall or even placed on a table top according to one’s own suitability.

 It records the indoor as well as the outdoor temperatures with accuracy and one can promise that there would be no problems in the recordings.

It can capture the range of humidity that may exist between the 3% to 99% scale. It simply requires 2 of the AAA batteries to operate. It can also collect the temperature changes that may range between the scales of -40 to 140 degree Fahrenheit. It also has a transmission range of about 200 meters that can be very much effective to it. This product has a very unique feature that can hardly be found in other devices. The features like that of reading two various temperatures on one particular device is possible only with the help of this device.

Also the alert fee is very much free in the first year of its usage. After that it is only a mere $10 from the next year onward. The installation of this particular device is extremely easy process and definitely not much of an issue. The probable problem that exists with this device is that it is not water proof and thus can have a bad impact in the contact of water. The other very weird problem is that it doesn’t work without a good internet connection. This particular device is one of the best of its kind if one avoids the very minor cons in it.

With these one can definitely have the best experiences in recording the weather.

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