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Portable Weather Station Reviews

In search for the good portable weather station? If anyone out there has a taste for adventure and outdoor life then this article will serve their purpose. Everyone who loves the life that is out of their house, city state even country door would know that the one of the biggest challenge they can face during these outings is the weather changes. The weather changes at times can be surprising and more than that dangerous. To keep an update on these weather changing conditions one must definitely carry their personal portable weather stations. These weather stations are one of the best that people can own. They easily fit into pockets and remain invisible till the time they are needed; in short they are trouble free.

The most important part of these good quality portable weather stations is that they are extremely easy to set up. One surely doesn’t need enough knowledge or doesn’t need to be an engineer to do this simple setup. This is thus the first criterion that people should verify before they think of buying one of these. One should check that if the station they have chosen has the quality of predicting each and every kind of weather changes notification if not the danger alarm at least. One should check that if the station is waterproof or not. An adventure loving person cannot make their trip bad due to one broken and non-working weather station. If one loves hunting, or is in military or they really love the idea of camping and trekking then these gadgets are something that they should have.

3 Best Portable Weather Station Comparison Table

  • Salient Feature: Measures And Displays Barometric Pressure
  • Add-Ons:Used In Hunting, Fishing, Animal Behavior Prediction
  • Rating:
  • Salient Feature: Measures And Displays Barometric Pressure
  • Add-Ons: Avoiding False Readings From Your Hand Temperature.
  • Rating:
  • Salient Feature: Waterproof / Submersible
  • Add-Ons: Manual And Automatic Data Logging
  • Rating:

TOP 3 Bestselling Portable Weather Station Reviews

Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter

This is one of the best portable weather station. This particular device comes with an exceptional feature of night vision. It also specializes in not drowning that is it is buoyant. One can say that this is almost everything that they will love to carry on a trip with them. This product is extremely light weight that is just 2.3 ounces and one can almost feel nothing carrying it. Also its dimensions are 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.7 in. This is a water resistant fabulous product that is all water lovers’ dream.

The monitor also changes depending on how the air pressure is. This device also has the feature of digital altimeter which helps to measure the altitude. This also measures the wind speed, air, also measures the wind chill and snow temperature, it also measures the pressure and altitude as already mentioned.

It has many benefits to itself. The very first of them is the guarantee that is provided on it. It has a guarantee of years to it. Such is the confidence of the manufacturer on the product. It is extremely reasonable so can be afforded by everyone. This is another feature that makes it stand out in the crowd. It also has wind gauges that are replaceable but the lanyard that it has is not detachable. The best past about it is that it is not only waterproof nut is also buoyant by nature. This product though cannot be connected to the computer yet with all the other great features it stands exceptional.

Ambient Weather WM-4

This is the second best weather station that each and everyone would love to own. This is an exceptional product with a back lit LCD display. This helps in seeing the weather changes even in the night.

 This measures a lot of things like that of the humidity, the wind direction, the wind speed and the temperature except though it cannot measure the changes that may happen in the pressure. Apart from this drawback it has least amount of drawback anymore. One can say that this product is everything that they have ever wanted. It is because it can fold like a pocket knife and very easily adjust in the small pocket of one’s without any problem. This is a total power saver as it automatically switches off after every five minutes. Also it has the facility of replaceable lithium batteries. It has two years of warranty on it and its dimensions are 5.5″ x 1.75″ x .75″. It also uses a very much patented index like that of Accuweather in order to measure the various things like heat index and also the kinds of wind chill. This has a compass to it and also features the feature of buoyancy. This is as a result waterproof. The response time of this particular product is just 1 minute and it boasts a Swiss made impeller as well as a humidity center.

Brunton ADC Pro

This is an extremely professional station as it was build with a sole purpose of professional outdoor life. One can definitely say that this was meant to be the best. This is not only made waterproof but also made submersible. This station features people who have a hard core outdoor life.

One who loves taking risks and challenges. This particular device has dimensions of 4.3″ x 2″ x 0.8″ and it only sports a mere weight of 2.4 ounce. It is extremely easy to carry and has a two year warranty to it. It also helps in providing with a 24 hour temperature as well as a pressure trend.

It also has the feature of alarm along with it. These are the storm alarms, the altitude alarms that are the maximum altitude or the current altitude etc. it also has a pressure map of almost 24 hours to it.

It also sports a chilly wind alarm. Sometimes the data collection in this particular device takes time and many a times it is found that the altimeter is not accurate but these small things cannot stop one from overlooking the good features that this device has. The most important thing is that this device is very much affordable and also easy to use even if they are designed for the professionals.

These devices are something that people should actually own in order to achieve the best out of the trips out door.

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