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Solar Weather Station (REVIEWS & BUYING GUIDE)

In search for the top rated solar weather station? Weather stations are definitely the most important thing for people who live into areas which suffer from extreme weather conditions.  Apart from this people who also lives in the other areas also need to keep daily updation of weather just in case they need to check what really is going out there. Instead of depending on the news to appear one can always have their personalized weather station. Now another criterion that one may love to think while they decide on purchasing a weather station is how does it get powered up?

That is does it work on batteries or charge? Well nothing can be better than the usage of solar power. This is natural and most importantly free. One can always get the best utilization of solar energy with the weather stations that work on the solar power. These kinds of weather stations are very economical as well as ecological. They tend to save a lot of money and nature too. If one is really considering buying one of these then by no means should they decide otherwise. This particular article will give people idea that how one can really get their hands on the best solar weather stations.

Top Solar Weather Station Reviews

Oregon Scientific BAR332ES

If one wants to consider the point then they should know that this is the best of its kind available in the market. This particular weather station has features that most people would love. This has therefore managed to receive great reviews by people so far.  This product also has the feature of batteries that is it uses a single AAA battery which can last up to 2 to 3 months of usage only with 5 to 6 hours of charging. This particular feature may come to use during the night time or the days when there are no possible luck with the sun.

Salient Features

This particular product has a detachable solar panel to itself. One can use this whenever it suits to them without much problem. The dimensions of this particular product are 6.2 x 3.4 x 2.2 in and so it can be fitted at places without much problem. The weight of this particular product is just a mere 9.88 ounces that is also without battery but the point is moving it and adjusting with it is not much of a challenge.

The dimensions of the remote sensor of this product are about 3.78 x 1.97 x 0.87 in and its weight is around 2.22 ounces. Again this makes it easy to be used. This product has various icons which it uses to depict the kind of weather the area is experiencing at the moment. This also manages to display the temperature for 3 different locations. This has a range of transmission of 98 meters which remains unobstructed under any circumstances. This also has a feature of self updating alarm clock and also a self updating calendar.

top quality solar weather station reviews


Till date this product has received least amount of negative comments. People generally love using this product due to the power saving facility and also the big display feature that it has. The comments of the people have never been totally negative about this product. This is the reason why it has made to this particular list. One can very easily tell that the ease of installation that it has generally acts as a catalyst in attracting various people. It has been extremely user friendly since the time it has launched. Though people accept that this product is not at all perfect and has its flaws yet they are ready to accept it as it is. This also is not an extremely professional device with the professional qualities but it does enough for a person to know about the regular weather updates necessarily. This product can be very easily used to measure various temperatures indoor as well as outdoors.


Using this particular product can have a list of various advantages to it. The very first advantage that one can think about here is the use of this product and its impact on nature. This product helps in saving and protecting nature while updating about its vital parts. It contributes a great time in the ecology. One can say that using this product is a profit on a whole based on this point itself. This product has great amount of power retaining capability in it. The time that it can last for is simply amazing.

 The display of this product is quite big and people can easily read the things without much of a problem. One can say that this particular product is a miracle when it comes to auto update of time and day as well as the daylight saving. It will help itself very efficiently without needing to be looked into. This product also has the feature of detachable solar panel. This feature helps in taking proper care of the product. If one doesn’t need the solar panel during the rains they can simply remove and keep them stored for a while.


This product also shares a fair deal of cons to itself. The very first of these cons that it suffers from is the fact that this product doesn’t display the humidity readings. The humidity reading is generally an important feature that must be the least provided. They claim on the humidity reading feature yet there are complaints and well as appreciations mentioning that they do not posses such feature.

Another bad feature that this product has is the problem of showing time and date at two different times. They do not or cannot be seen together. This is one flaw which definitely is a weird thing to happen. The backlight on this device is basically located on the backside of the clock. This makes it a bit difficult for the people to activate in during the time of night.

Every product has its good and bad and so this particular product. One can surely trust this when looking for quality.

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